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Achieve a new, confident and picture perfect smile through our veneers procedure

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This is the first step into your journey for achieving your dream smile, as we will explore your desired outcomes and expectations.

Digital Dentistry

With our digital smile design softwares, we provide you with the chance to visualise your future smile before the treatment is done.

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Our cosmetic dentists have extreme attention to detail, handcrafting each restoration with the highest quality materials.

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Our flexible payment plan options allow you to receive your treatment today and pay for it later

Crowns & Bridges | before & after

We have transformed thousands of smiles and improved the confidence of countless patients.

Dental Crown

Although the outside of each tooth is made of strong and hard enamel, teeth can be chipped, broken or weakened from trauma or decay, resulting in the need to have an artificial crown to replace your natural tooth crown.

The following may be reasons leading up to the need of an artificial crown.

  • trauma to the tooth
  • tooth decay
  • large fillings
  • after a root canal treatment has been completed
  • age-related wear and tear
Crowns are made of strong ceramic material and are matched to the colour of your teeth, resulting in a natural and aesthetic looking restoration.


Dental Crowns
Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge


If you have a missing tooth, replacing it may easier than you think.

Missing teeth should be replaced to:

  • improve your appearance and speech
  • prevent stresses that cause damage to other teeth
  • maintain a natural bite
  • improve your chewing ability

If a tooth is lost or too badly damaged to save with a crown, a bridge may be the treatment of choice. A bridge can replace one of more missing teeth, consisting of an artificial tooth anchored to the adjacent natural teeth.

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Dental Expertise

Our expert team with over 40 years of dental experience helps deliver the most comprehensive care under one roof, we look forward to achieving your smile goals


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Our mission at Aesthetic Laser Dentistry is to show the world that an experience at the dentist does not have to be unpleasant and can be a place of comfort during your stay


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