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As parents, we all cherish our children’s smiles, and strive to protect them as best we can.

When sports season rolls around this task can be increasingly difficult – with contact sport being one of the leading causes of tooth injury for Australian children.  Far too often our child’s favourite sports such as soccer, football and hockey can put them at risk of a number of injuries including:

  • Chipped, damaged or lost teeth
  • Injuries to the tongue and oral tissues
  • Jaw injuries
  • Cuts and damage to the facial area

The good news is that by wearing a sports mouth guard, your child can dramatically decrease the risk of these injuries occurring.

Whilst off-the-shelf “boil and mould” mouthguards are readily available, any parent who wishes to provide optimal protection of their child’s smile during contact sport should consider the custom designed sports mouth guards offered at our dental practice based in Airport West.

Why should I choose a custom designed sports mouthguard when off the shelf versions seem to be cheaper and easier?

We strongly urge our patients to consider the bespoke sports mouthguards we offer as:

  • Our sports guards are a much better fit, and are therefore far more comfortable for your child than typical boil and mould models, as they are designed and made in response to the unique characteristics of your child’s smile. This makes life far easier when it comes to convincing your child to actually wear their guard during training and games.
  • As these sports mouth guards are designed with precision to fit over your child’s teeth and gums, they offer increased protection against oral trauma than that of off the shelf generic solutions.
  • Our dentists can examine your child’s mouth guard during their regular check-up appointments to ensure that any wear and tear has not decreased the effectiveness of the guard.

How do custom designed mouth guards protect my child’s smile?

The sports mouthguards we create at Marriott and Hand work in a number of ways to protect your child’s smile during the soccer, hockey or rugby season:

  1. Our mouthguards act as a buffer between your child’s teeth and the soft tissues of their cheeks and lips to prevent laceration and bruising during contact sports.
  2. By cushioning teeth from frontal blows and redistributing the forces of impact, mouthguards can be an effective tool to reduce the risk of tooth fractures or dislocations.
  3. Mouthguards have the ability to prevent your child’s upper and lower teeth from damaging each other during tumultuous activity.
  4. Professionally crafted mouthgaurds can offer increased protection for jaw and neck from injury during contact.
  5. Certain instances of concussion can actually be prevented by sports mouth guards as these devices can act as shock absorbers between the upper and lower jaws.

As fathers themselves, our principal dentists can assist parents in educating their children about the importance of wearing their sports mouth guards during both training and games. We find that compliance dramatically increases when children are aware of the benefits of wearing a mouthguard and are supplied with a comfortable guard that is designed specifically for them.

Your child’s smile is unique; ensure it is protected this sports season with a custom designed mouthguard courtesy of the team at Marriott and Hand.

To find out more about the custom designed sports mouthguards we offer at our dental practice located in Airport West, please contact our friendly team today!