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What is laser dentistry?

Never compromise on safety and proficiency when it comes to dental health. If you’re considering a more modern approach to dental care, look no further than the advancements offered by laser dentistry. It is the use of lasers to perform a number of different dental procedures and treat dental problems. 

Laser dentistry offers a better experience for patients as it’s more efficient and comfortable in comparison to traditional dental tools such as drills. Every laser dentist undergoes rigorous training to ensure every procedure has pinpoint accuracy.

Lasers use light energy in a very narrow-focused energy beam to remove or reshape the tissue. Since lasers only affect more targeted areas, dentists can preserve more of the patient’s tooth or gum structure.

As dental laser practice develops, more patients forgo traditional dental treatments to avoid unnecessary pain and anxiety. 

There are a number of procedures that laser dentistry can be used for.

The benefits of laser dentistry include:

Laser dentistry has many benefits over traditional dentistry, including the following:

  • Reduced bleeding in soft tissues, as lasers cause blood clotting
  • Anaesthesia isn’t required for some procedures and commonly requires less anaesthetic
  • Chances of bacterial infections are lowered as the laser kills bacteria and sterilises the area
  • Wounds heal faster after laser dentistry
  • Less chance of damage to surrounding tissues
  • Soft tissue laser procedures often require no sutures
  • Reduced treatment durations
  • Avoid dental drills

Lasers for general dentistry:

We can use lasers for general dentistry procedures, including the following:

Gum disease treatment

Laser dentists can penetrate infected gum tissues while minimising damage to healthy areas. This minimally invasive approach reduces discomfort, promotes faster healing, and enhances the overall outcome of periodontal treatments.

Besides treating gum diseases, laser dentistry can also vaporise a thin layer of the gum tissue to remove darkness and reveal a healthier colour. This is known as laser gum depigmentation.

Tooth decay

Dental laser technology efficiently vaporises decayed tissues. Laser dentistry retains more of the tooth’s integral structure than traditional dentistry.

Treatment of soft tissues

Through lasers, dentists can perform gum recontouring procedures, treat oral lesions, and remove excess or overgrown tissue. Dentists and patients prefer this procedure for various cosmetic and therapeutic soft tissue surgeries.

Whitening teeth

Laser-assisted teeth whitening is a quick and effective method to enhance the appearance of stained or discoloured teeth. 

The laser activates a bleaching agent applied to the teeth, accelerating the whitening process. This results in noticeably brighter and whiter teeth in a single dental visit.

Laser dentistry for tongue ties & lip-ties:

Soft-tissue lasers can be used to remove tongue and lip ties in infants, toddlers, children and also adults.

Frenectomies carried out by a dental laser are relatively quick, more comfortable, heal quicker and have reduced chances of bleeding or becoming infected. There is absolutely no need for scissors to be used. To learn more about tongue ties and lip ties, click here!

The laser makes a clean cut that is immediately cauterised, stopping bleeding.

What to Expect During Laser Dental Treatment

Laser dentistry may sound like an intimidating procedure, but it is not. Here are the stages of how we typically perform our laser dental services:

1. Consultation

One of our laser dentists will have an appointment with you. They will examine specific dental concerns and review your medical history. This consultation helps our dentists ascertain whether laser treatment is the best solution for you.

2. Preparation

Before the laser dental procedure commences, your comfort and well-being will be our top priority. We may administer anesthesia to numb the treatment area. This step helps reduce any discomfort you might experience during the procedure.

3. Laser Application

Your dentist will meticulously aim the laser at the targeted area during laser application. Some patients may notice a faint clicking sound or experience a mild sensation of warmth. These sensations are typically tolerable and are part of the ordinary course of laser dentistry.

4. Treatment Duration

The precision of laser technology leads to quicker operations. For less complicated cases, our laser dentists can finish your treatment within a few minutes. 

5. Minimal Discomfort

It is uncommon for patients to experience extreme post-operative pain and swelling. If you experience pain or other symptoms, such as bleeding at the site, please immediately consult your dentist.

6. Recovery

The expected recovery period is within the day. Patients can resume their regular activities shortly after leaving our dental office.

7. Follow-Up

Depending on the nature of your laser dental treatment, you may require a follow-up appointment to monitor your progress and ensure optimal healing.

Are there any side effects?

Although laser dentistry is generally associated with fewer side effects than traditional methods, patients should be aware of the potential discomfort, swelling, sensitivity, redness, bleeding, and infection.

Always follow your dentist’s instructions to avoid potential side effects.

Open communication with your dentist, diligent adherence to pre and post-procedure instructions, and prompt reporting of unusual symptoms are vital to ensuring a safe and successful laser dental treatment experience.

We are your trusted partner in addressing and managing any side effects arising during or after the procedure. Our job is to ensure your comfort and well-being throughout the process.

Types of lasers used during laser dentistry

Laser dentists use various types of lasers, each with specific characteristics and effects:


Diode Lasers

Dentists mainly use diode lasers for soft tissue procedures. They can precisely cut or coagulate tissue, making them suitable for gum contouring, lesion removal, and managing soft tissue conditions like oral ulcers.


Argon Lasers

Argon lasers emit blue or green light and are primarily used for soft tissue procedures.


Nd-YAG Lasers (Neodymium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet)

Nd-YAG lasers penetrate deeper and are crucial for soft tissue procedures. Dentists use them in periodontal treatments to coagulate and decontaminate pockets around teeth.


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Lasers

CO2 lasers are suitable for absorbing water-containing tissues. Laser dentists apply them for gum surgeries, lesion removal, and frenectomies.


Erbium Lasers

Erbium lasers are opted for the precise removal of hard and soft tissues. They do minimal thermal damage to surrounding tissues.

Each type of laser serves a specific purpose in laser dentistry, and the choice depends on the procedure’s requirements.

Dentists carefully select the appropriate laser to ensure optimal precision, minimal patient discomfort, and successful treatment outcomes.

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Katelyn G

Thank you so much for having me in today Dr James! The team was amazing, they made feel sooo comfortable and my teeth are normal super sensitive so honestly a 10/10 experience. Be sure to check them out!!

Matthew S

I have never been a huge fan of going to the dentist but James made me feel incredibly comfortable throughout the whole procedure. It was relaxed and I never felt rushed. I am glad I have found a dentist I can connect with and I'll definitely be coming back for my check-ups.

Chantelle I

So thrilled with my experience with Dr James. He is a perfectionist and made sure I was completely happy with my new veneers. I broke my 2 front teeth when I was 8yrs and no one has ever been able to make them natural until now. They are just perfect and I have so much more confidence. The staff are all so lovely and caring, I honestly couldn’t recommend these guys enough!

Anthony K

Had an amazing experience at this dentistry. The staff were very friendly and Dr James was polite, detailed with explaining what was happening and made me feel very comfortable, regardless of my fear of visiting the dentist. I will definitely be using this place as my local dentist from now on.

Tim W

I have been to quite a few dental clinics in my lifetime and can admit to being fussy at times, however at last I can finally say ive found a clinic that I would be more than happy to go back too. My experience with Dr James B was phenomenal, I was treated with care, respect and professionalism. Ive been to plenty of dentists before and its simply been a chore for both me and them (I wont name names), giving no real reason to go back to the same dentist. Dr James has been the first dentist to show an interest in me as a patient and as a person, taking me through every step of the plan and procedure I had to undergo.


My son is a little anxious boy and was really scared to go to the dentist. Dr T was amazing with him and took special care to keep him comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr T to anyone who is nervous about seeing a dentist. The best experience.

Aneta R

What an experience. Met Dr Philip Hand to see my child, what an amazing person, been through so many doctors that would just be like you had a bad luck, for the condition of your child, nobody cares. Without even explaining of my daughter condition, he offered his help and handful of best contacts in Melbourne to help me and my girl. He is not only the best dentist he has the hands to help others. Thank you God for meeting a Doctor like Philip Hand, my self Aneta and Aurora will be forever grateful

Cosmetic Dentistry by Dr James B
Jessica G

Amazing cosmetic dental practice, couldn't ask for more! Dream smile and lips achieved

Anthony J

The team at Marriot and Hand were simply amazing. Dr Hand was very knowledgeable and explained everything about the treatments and why it was necessary. Karen was warm and open to all sorts of questions. I never felt rushed. As someone that has not been to a dentist for many years, it was time to face the music - I found them extraordinary professional and caring. Their service was so good I felt like I was catching up for a coffee with a friend rather than a visit to a dentist office. I'll look forward to my next appointment

Nushan Z

Fantastic Staff! Experienced Hygienist and Dentist. Great location with private carparking.

Jass F

After my MCHN suspected the cause of my son's breastfeeding issues was a tongue and upper lip tie, I went to see Dr. Philip Hand. He was one of the more reasonably priced dentists for this procedure. He was very friendly and put me at ease right away. He took the time to examine my son thoroughly and had a great manner with him. He obviously does his job properly and is not just out to get money, as he told me that neither tie was significant enough to warrant cutting. He noticed tightness around his facial muscles, though, and referred me to an oesteopath who has managed to solve the issue. This dentist knows his stuff, is friendly, and if it hadn't been for him, my son would not be feeding properly. Highly recommend him.

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    FAQs about Laser Dentistry

    Yes. Laser dentistry is safe when performed by trained and experienced dental professionals. At Aesthetic Laser Dentistry, our dentists are fully licensed and up to date with existing regulatory standards. They are trained to follow established protocols and guidelines, ensuring the best possible outcomes while prioritising your well-being.

    It depends on the patient’s condition and the procedures that you have to go through. Our dentists will always have a thorough appointment before every session to ensure you are well informed about the process and its possible effects. We will also give you an estimate as to the length of the dental laser procedure.

    Laser dental treatments should be performed by licensed and trained dental professionals who have received specific education and certification in laser dentistry. They are not limited to dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and oral surgeons. At Aesthetic Laser Dentistry, we ensure all our professionals undergo proper training and acquire the necessary licenses before performing any services.

    The need for anesthesia during laser dental procedures depends on the specific treatment and the patient’s comfort level. Laser dentistry is known for being less painful than traditional methods due to its precision, which minimises damage to surrounding tissues. 

    Patients undergoing more extensive or invasive procedures, such as gum surgeries or root canals, often receive local anesthesia to numb the treatment area. For minor procedures like teeth whitening or some soft tissue treatments, anesthesia may not be necessary.

    Yes. Laser dentistry may require specific post-operative care, although it generally involves less intensive aftercare. The nature and extent of post-operative care depend on the type of laser treatment performed. 

    Whenever your laser dentist sets a follow-up check up, attend them as scheduled. These appointments help your dentist monitor healing and ensure optimal results.

    After consultation, your dentist will provide you with pre-procedure instructions. Follow their guidelines thoroughly. You may need to fast or refrain from taking specific medications.

    If you know you will receive anesthesia during the procedure, ask a family member or friend to drive you to and from the dental office. Anesthesia can impair your driving ability, so having a designated driver is beneficial.

    Your choice depends on your unique circumstances and dental needs. Open communication with your dentist, a thorough assessment of your oral health, and a clear understanding of the benefits and limitations of laser treatments will help you determine if it’s the right choice for you.

    Talk to one of our team members at Aesthetic Laser Dentistry if you have more questions.