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If it’s been years since you visited the dentist now has never been a better time. Marriott and Hand near Essendon offers $50 credit towards your check-up for all new patients.

It’s the start of a new year, and we look forward to welcoming many new patients through our doors, as well as our old faithful patients. In order to welcome all of our patients we have a comprehensive examination offer as well as a special for $50 off for every new patient that comes to see us.

How do I claim the new patient offer?

If you want to claim our new patient offer then all you need to do is quote the phrase ’50 New’ to our receptionist when you’re booking your appointment. This can be a great option if you need an extra incentive to visit the dentist.

You can also get a comprehensive check-up for $149

New patients can also receive a $149 comprehensive examination which includes:

• 2 bitewing x-rays
• a scale and polish
• fluoride treatment

Two bitewing x-rays ensure that no dental problem is left unnoticed and a thorough scale and polish also ensures that your teeth will remain healthy. It’s important to get a regular professional clean so that all of the harm in between visits can be undone. This procedure is best every six months to keep your smile in the ‘safe zone’ when it comes to bacteria and gum disease.

What is a fluoride treatment?

While you may have heard about fluoride being in your water or your toothpaste, it’s still important you visit the dentist for this treatment. The fluoride treatments provided by your dentist have significantly more fluoride than toothpastes etc. and are designed as a short but intensive treatment of fluoride – much like a hair mask which you leave on for a few minutes and then wash off – or rinse off in this case.

The main benefit of a fluoride treatment is that it decreases your risk of demineralisation which is when the enamel becomes thin and weak. As your enamel is responsible for keeping the more sensitive parts of your teeth safe once this is weakened you may experience sensitivity and you will have an increased risk of cavities as the inside of your teeth is more porous and prone to bacteria.

This treatment is completely comfortable as your dentist will simply apply some fluoride treated gel to your teeth and leave it momentarily. After a few minutes they will let you spit and rinse your mouth and voila! You’ll have that squeaky clean dentist feeling!

Keeping your teeth healthy in between appointments

We all know what’s bad for our teeth but as dentists it’s up to us to remind people of the potentially damaging foods and habits they may do on a daily basis.

Here is a short list of habits to avoid and tips to follow:

• Brush and floss every day
• Don’t undo bottle-caps etc. with your teeth
• Avoid sugary foods
• Avoid chewy foods like toffee especially if you have fillings

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