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Getting your wisdom teeth removed? Marriott & Hand have put together a short guide to help you survive the recovery process.

Having your wisdom teeth removed can be an uncomfortable experience, but not nearly as uncomfortable or painful as the complications that can arise from neglecting the treatment.

Although wisdom teeth do not always become problematic, they can potentially lead to a number of dental issues, particularly as you get older. It is necessary to seek professional dental consultation if you are considering the process.

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For those of you that have been through the consultation process and are going ahead with the removal, Marriott & Hand have put together a home survival recovery guide.

Immediately following the procedure

Bite down gently on the gauze packs you have been provided, try to avoid moving the pad for the first hour. After the first hour the gauze should be gently removed or replaced, you should prop yourself up with pillows and avoid lying flat as it may encourage extra bleeding.

Most importantly try not to aggravate the surgical area, especially during the first day when strenuous activity will increase bleeding and pain. Enjoy some rest and relaxation on the couch.

Keeping your mouth clean

It’s important to keep your mouth clean following wisdom tooth extraction. Continue to brush your teeth and tongue after the operation but take extra care around the affected area.

After the first day, salt water rinses may begin to help reduce swelling and relieve pain. A salt water solution can be made by mixing 5g of salt with 240mL of water.

Do not smoke, use straws, or drink alcohol following the procedure, and avoid irritating the affected area with your tongue.

What to eat

Initially you should only eat soft foods, if you love ice cream this is your time to indulge! A liquid diet is recommended for the first 24 hours, and following this soft foods are the pick for the next four to five days.

Swelling and pain management

If you’re wondering whether your face will be swollen, the answer is yes. Generally you can expect the swelling to get worse before it improves. Keeping your head elevated and applying a cold press can aid the recovery process. An icepack can be gently applied to the outside of your cheek to relieve pain and swelling. Medication may also be prescribed to alleviate some of the pain and swelling associated with the operation.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne

It is necessary to seek professional advice to determine whether or not wisdom tooth extraction is required. If you are unhappy or concerned with the medical diagnosis, you may also seek a second opinion. Marriott & Hand provides safe and effective wisdom tooth removal.

This information is only intended to act as a guide or recommendation, and is not a substitute for the professional advice and recommendations that will be provided to you by your dentist.

Why not combine a check-up with a scan for wisdom teeth? When you visit Marriott & Hand in Melbourne for a routine check-up we can scan your jaw with an x-ray to determine if extraction is necessary.

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