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As parents we all want to support the development of a healthy smile for our children.

At Marriott and Hand we are dedicating to helping parents care for their children’s smile at any age, and can work with parents to help develop a healthy at home maintenance routine.

Caring for your baby’s smile

Even before their first teeth erupt, there are steps you can take to help support your baby’s oral health. By gently cleaning your baby’s gums with a damp cloth, you can support the development of healthy gum tissue. It is important to avoid putting your baby to bed with bottles of sugary drinks such as milk or fruit juice, especially once their baby teeth have started to erupt as this practice can easily contribute to the development of early dental decay.

Your child’s first dental visit

We recommend that parents first bring their child to the dentist at two years of age or when their teeth start to erupt – whichever comes first. At Marriott and Hand we encourage parents to initially bring their child along to some of your own dental appointments in order for them to form a relationship with the dentist and a positive association with dental care.

Developing an oral hygiene routine for your child

Once your child reaches the age of two years or so, you should begin brushing their teeth twice daily with a pea-size amount of toothpaste designed for children. Most parents find their children begin to become confident brushing their own teeth at the age of around five years, but this should still remain a supervised activity to ensure that your child’s teeth are being properly cared for.

Maintaining a healthy diet

Diet can play a massive role in the health of your child’s smile. It is important that your child’s diet is full of fruits and vegetables, and low in sugary foods and drinks such as cake, soft drink and lollies to prevent the development of dental decay. If your child does indulge in such foods it is beneficial to brush their teeth as soon as possible after the consumption of sugary foods.

The importance of baby teeth

Contrary to what some believe, baby teeth actually play an important role in the long term development of your child’s smile, as they help create and retain space within your child’s smile for their adult teeth to erupt. Some studies have even revealed that there is a connection between dental caries in baby teeth and adult teeth, so it is incredibly important to maintain your child’s oral health in their formative years.

Early intervention orthodontics

At Marriott and Hand we offer early intervention orthodontic treatment for children. We recommend that children are brought in for an orthodontic evaluation by no later than seven years of age. This is due to the fact that by seven, most of your child’s adult front teeth have erupted whilst their jawbone is still growing – making this one of the most ideal treatment times. Early intervention orthodontics can provide a faster and more effective treatment, and can actively influence the positive development of your child’s jaw, facial profile and breathing habits.

Protecting your child’s smile during the sporting season

Custom designed mouth guards provided by Marriott and Hand are one of the best ways to protect your child’s smile during the sporting season. As injuries obtained during contact sports are responsible for many of the oral traumas suffered by Australian children, the sports mouth guards we offer at Marriott and Hand can actively protect the health of your child’s smile.

The dental benefits available to eligible children

The CDBS Dental Scheme has now replaced the previous teen dental vouchers, which means that eligible children may be able to receive up to $1000 of free dental care over two years. These benefits can be used for a variety of treatments for your children such as check-ups, cleanings and fillings.

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