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For many adults today, their number one problem with their smile is the straightness — or more specifically, the lack thereof.

Straightening your teeth

Decades ago, many people were not necessarily concerned about the straightness of their teeth. Children wearing brace was not as common as it is today and while many adults may not have had the opportunity to straighten their teeth during childhood or adolescence, the value of a straighter smile is seen in today’s times more so than ever before. If you are an adult, it is important to realise that it is never too late to straighten your teeth and that orthodontics are not just for children and teens.

A brief overview

There are several different ways in which your teeth can be straightened. Of course, the most obvious treatment option is braces.

Braces: The image of braces may conjure up images of a child, but this treatment is, in fact suitable for all ages. Braces can straighten teeth, line up your jaws to give you a better bite, space out crowded teeth, and close gaps in your smile.

Lingual braces: If the idea of braces seems a little off-putting to you due to their appearance, there are other options such as lingual braces which are placed on the inside of the teeth. Lingual braces offer the same straightening benefits as traditional braces; however, they are not as conspicuous as their counterparts.

Aligners: Sure, traditional and lingual braces are fantastic options, but if your orthodontic work is not required to be so extensive, you may be lucky enough to be eligible for a treatment which is virtually invisible. Clear aligners offer a discreet method for straightening your teeth via a set of clear, removable aligners which work their magic by applying pressure to the teeth to gradually move them into their correct places.

Brace yourself for treatment

Going into orthodontic treatment as an adult means that there are several things that you will need to consider.

Financial commitment: Naturally, you would need to budget for your treatment. You will have to see what is covered by your health fund as well as any possible payment plans of which you may be able to take advantage.

Orthodontic visits: We understand that adult life can get incredibly busy – particularly if you have children. If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, you will need to make time to see us every 4-6 weeks, sometimes more frequently.

Dietary choices: Depending on your particular treatment, you may need to forgo certain foods. This rings true for those who have traditional or lingual braces, as they can become damaged by hard or sticky foods.

Longer oral hygiene routine: When you have appliances on your teeth, you will need to dedicate more time to brushing and flossing your teeth. Even if you have a removable appliance such as an aligner, you will need to set aside time to adequately clean your appliance as well as your teeth.